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Programmed by Freemasons: You Won’t Believe What She Survived! Many people that are battling ongoing witchcraft and curses, even after turning their lives over to Jesus Christ, have connections to Freemasonry in their backgrounds. Why is this the case? Some people, even now, still believe that Freemasonry is a harmless club of men that are community leaders. This week you will meet Chaurisse, who was sold to the lodge by her dad. She is a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse and programming perpetrated against her by Freemasons and others. This program will SHOCK you and comes with a TRIGGER WARNING. Chaurisse will be candidly discussing her memories in acute detail. Nonetheless, this is not a program you will want to miss. If you have Freemasonry in your bloodline, then check out the book “Overcoming the False Verdicts of Freemasonry” Here’s The Write Up On The Book…. Few organizations in human history have integrated themselves at every level of society like Freemasonry. Men (and women in certain sectors) take oaths to demon gods that bind them, their families, and their future generations to covenants and verdicts that bring destruction on their entire bloodlines. The insidious nature of how these organizations — the Scottish Rite, the York Rite, Shriners and their many offshoots and entanglements (including the Illuminati) were borne in the councils of Hell. This book will help unveil the false verdicts that empower the resulting curses that, on every level of one’s life, bring ultimate destruction or fear of destruction. The oaths have bound once honest men to dishonesty, treachery and even murder. Outsiders, who look at the various oaths and entanglements often wonder what would make men take oaths such as those required by Freemasonry — why would otherwise sensible men do so? My Anti-Masonic Sshhed Up Forum


0:00 you’re listening to discovering truth with Dan Duvall

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0:18 well folks welcome to another week of discovering truth with Dan davallen I’m

0:24 very excited to be introducing you to a new friend and guest and her name is Charisse she is a

0:32 Survivor a Satanic ritual abuse and other types of crimes that she has

0:40 prevailed over to be talking to you today and I’m telling you guys I have not known

0:47 Sharice for very long but in the time that I have known her her story has blown me away she has such clear

0:55 recollection of so many aspects of what she survived and my goodness do they

1:02 well require us stretch our minds as to what is really

1:08 going on and what is possible but she joins the choir of voices uh

1:16 many of which that have been on this podcast all saying the same thing

1:21 the world that we are told that we live in is not the world that we occupy and

1:28 there are forces of Darkness at work that are doing and have continued to do

1:33 for hundreds of years things that we have been taught our fantasy not real fake many people have been

1:40 called crazy because they have dared to testify to the things which

1:46 they have survived and well we’re learning we’re not crazy

1:53 um Charisse I am so grateful to have you here to talk with us today welcome to discovering truth with Dan Duvall thank

2:00 you Dan I’m happy to be here Cerise um your story is incredible I am

2:08 I I have been blown away by even the little bit that I’ve been able to get

2:13 familiar with is we’ve gotten to know each other over you know really the past couple months and you know folks before

2:21 she begins sharing her story and we are going to start from the beginning I am going to put out a trigger warning

2:27 because of the nature of charisse’s story and the fact that she’ll be speaking frankly to those things which

2:33 she has overcome by the power of Jesus Christ uh if you think you are very sensitive

2:41 to um certain information you may want to

2:47 listen with some caution but with that said Charisse I am going to just give

2:54 you the floor would you please take us from the beginning into your

3:01 story yes Dan thank you I I first of all want to say that that I give honor to my

3:09 Earthly parents I do not know everything my parents went through in their lives

3:14 to bring them to the places that they were and so I don’t ever want to do anything that is dishonoring and above

3:22 all I give all the glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth because

3:28 he is the one who has brought me through but um I I do want to say from from the

3:36 start that Freemasonry um had free masonry is a cult

3:44 and um it damages everyone that is in it and every family

3:51 member associated with it in the very first degree of Freemasonry they they place a hood wink over

4:00 the initiates heads and thus they become Hood winked

4:06 and they become deceived and there is a veil of deception that descends on them

4:12 because of Freemasonry and um

4:18 there there are many things that um go on in the spiritual realm when there is

4:25 a family involved in Freemasonry and my family was my father my grandfather my

4:32 uncle it does something to the person’s mind it

4:37 twists their mind so that what is wrong suddenly becomes right and and men can

4:45 start doing things that would have been contrary to their nature had they not have been in Freemasonry with that being

4:53 said um my actual earliest memories are when I was in the womb I know many people

5:01 don’t believe that that’s possible but our Spirits are fully formed at the time

5:06 of conception and they remember all things and um the Lord has gifted me

5:14 um with being a Seer and with having the ability to to remember much of these

5:19 things and so my earliest memories are are in the womb I had an identical twin

5:27 sister we were in in the same sack and and there were many

5:33 strange things that can go on in the womb that people are not aware of

5:39 my my twin and I each chose our own

5:44 names we had different names and I am assuming our spirit to Spirit

5:51 connection we were able to to somehow convey that um in in the womb we had dreams I

5:59 remember nightmares I had in the womb so

6:04 these children in the womb are very aware of what is going on

6:11 and they have emotions and um I

6:19 I know many times there is an actual battle that rages in the womb and if

6:27 parents would start to get in the habit of teaching their unborn children how to

6:33 seek God that that would be a great thing because I

6:40 did not have those those tools in the womb but

6:45 um my twin sister and I we were very very connected

6:51 she she was my my light and my life uh

6:57 we would often face each other with our homes out like

7:02 this and we would grasp each other’s poems well

7:07 because my family was a cult family um

7:13 I believe that my mother was subject to mind control programming to hypnosis and

7:19 to drugging because I remember several times in the womb where there

7:27 would be very loud noises that would be directed at the womb there would be

7:32 flashes of light and it would be much trauma to my mother

7:38 and my twin and I were very very terrified

7:43 after some time they started injecting me I don’t recall

7:49 if they injected my twin or not but there were large needles that had come

7:55 through the womb and they were injecting it into us I believe that they were

8:01 trying to somehow manipulate my bloodline it was always about my

8:06 bloodline and they were manipulating it I believe some of the injections that

8:13 they were giving me was actually someone else’s DNA that they were trying to change and alter

8:21 altar well after a while when I was about four four and a half months in the

8:28 womb my my twin died and I I kept reaching

8:34 for her and I kept putting my hands out out for her and I knew her spirit was

8:42 gone because her her light was gone and

8:48 I I was completely overwhelmed at that point still within the womb I was in

8:56 unbearable sorrow and the enemy took advantage of that

9:02 and evil spirits came into torment me in the womb the

9:08 spirit of death and an evil spirit called pan he was black with black horns

9:14 and I had turned away from my twin and I

9:20 was facing away from her and occasionally she would kind of float over and bump into me and that

9:30 upset me so much well this evil spirit pan

9:35 would come and lay next to me and he would run his finger up and down my spine

9:40 and he would tell me that um I’m gonna die that they’re coming after me and as soon

9:47 as I fall asleep I’m gonna die and he was tormenting me

9:52 and I remember at one time Jesus actually came into the

9:59 womb after my twin died and he

10:06 turned to me I saw the light I turned it and I looked at the light he knew even

10:12 in the room I didn’t like to be touched I didn’t I didn’t feel safe being touched

10:19 but I looked at him and his hands were like this and grabbed onto his hands and he

10:28 assured me in the room that that my twin was safe and she was in heaven and it was going

10:36 to be okay now I I had a choice in the womb whether

10:42 or not I could just completely trust my Lord and Savior and believe everything he said or I could believe the lies that

10:51 the spirit of death and the spirit of pan were telling me and I chose to believe the lies

10:59 um and so I was I was completely completely overwhelmed

11:05 um it was it was like being in a tomb because as I

11:12 as I grew I couldn’t get away from the body of my sister

11:18 she was always there and um it was it was very very traumatic

11:26 and I was I was born um six weeks early

11:32 me and all of my sisters were born one to two months early

11:38 but um after I was born

11:45 um my parents were told that there was something wrong with me

11:51 I am assuming it is because of whatever injections they were injecting me with

11:57 in the womb but my parents were told that I was born completely without an

12:03 immune system and I would have to be kept in an isolation chamber my entire life

12:09 I I believe I did have some type of troubles from all of the injections I

12:15 had but I believe that that was actually a lie to get me connected with other

12:22 cult doctors so they could continue to experiment on me because my family was

12:28 told that I would have to receive injections of immunoglobulins every week

12:34 just in order to survive and lo and behold a nurse lived next

12:41 door who claimed she could give me these weekly injections for years and so I would go over there and I don’t

12:49 actually know what it was they were injecting me with it was supposed to be some type of immunoglobulins

12:56 but um As I Grew Older and I was able to walk

13:02 my mom would stand in the yard and she would watch me walk over to the neighbors and they would take me in

13:09 well the neighbor lady who who claimed to be a nurse had a

13:15 husband who also claimed to be a doctor and when they had me along the doctor

13:22 would start taking me into back room and he would start giving me multiple

13:28 injections injections in in my thighs and then he would start giving me IVs of some sort

13:36 and um I I started passing out regularly

13:41 in fact one time after my injections I passed out and I quit breathing in my jaws locked and my dad had to give me

13:49 CPR so I I don’t know what all they were injecting me with but at one time I

13:56 would have up to five different injections and he always made me promise that I

14:02 would never tell anyone what he was doing and he would take me

14:08 to another room where he had the old reel-to-reel films and he would

14:15 show me films of new of um Nazis

14:20 Exterminating Jews they were very graphic Jews were being dismembered and

14:27 tortured and exterminated and so it is my belief that this doctor was

14:36 the German descent and he was somehow connected to to Joseph mingla

14:41 and he would tell me that um everything that they did to those

14:47 Jews he was going to do to me if I told anybody and sometimes he would show me slides he

14:55 would have a slide projector and all of the slides were of people

15:00 being murdered very very graphically and then after he would give me all the

15:06 shots he would give me a slide to take home as as a reminder and I I started passing

15:15 out more and more um and it was it it was quite

15:21 quite horrendous how old were you at this point well

15:27 um just between the ages of two and six when I was younger

15:35 um I would say ages between four and two my mother or or one of my sisters would carry me

15:43 next door for the injections so that that went on

15:48 for about four years and the combination of whatever it was he was injecting me

15:56 with not only caused me to regularly black out but it also stained my teeth black my

16:04 baby teeth were actually black and then when my adult teeth came in they were

16:10 cool golden and gray and it was quite quite disturbing my father would often

16:18 tell me um that it was so disturbing to look at he couldn’t stand to look at me I was not

16:25 allowed to smile or to speak in his presence because he was so ashamed of me because he he valued

16:33 physical Beauty above all else and I had three older sisters and they were all

16:38 all beautiful my father also used to tell me

16:45 um that he knew I wasn’t his child um and that he should have killed me

16:52 when he had the chance I was the youngest of four girls and

16:58 when my sisters would go off to school my my father would

17:04 turn on me and um he he would completely change and

17:10 tell me that he was going to kill me he would put my fingers in hedge Clipper Clippers

17:17 multiple times telling me he was going to cut off all my fingers

17:22 um he wanted strict obedience

17:27 we had to obey everything he said without questioning it we couldn’t get in

17:34 trouble if if anything didn’t didn’t go right we were we were severely punished

17:41 we would um he would take me and all my sisters to

17:46 his closet where he held all of his belts in there and he would make us choose which belt

17:55 we wanted beat with that day so by us choosing

18:02 it was as though we were giving our consent and um he would he would often beat us until

18:10 um we were blistered and bruised we we never knew why why we were being

18:18 hurt by him um I I know when I was

18:24 about two and I was still wearing a diaper at

18:30 night and I was threatened never to ever soil my diaper at night well uh one day

18:37 I I was sick in the night and I had had soiled my diaper

18:42 and the absolute fear and Terror I I ran to my parents bathroom they weren’t in

18:49 there and I tried flushing it down the toilet and of course the toilet overflowed and there was water all over

18:55 the floor and I was strip naked and forced to stay in the

19:01 bathtub naked until my father got home and he saw the water

19:07 on the bathroom floor and he held my face in the water until until I passed out

19:12 and so these these kind of things were not

19:17 uncommon and then when I was two I remember very

19:24 clearly the first time that that my father sold me

19:30 he he came in and he got me out of my bed at the age of two

19:37 I strongly believe that at that point he he would drug my mother and perhaps even

19:43 my older sisters because I would hear him tell my mother don’t worry about taking care of the

19:50 children this night you’ve been working hard enough I’m going to stay up and take you without that was a very bad

19:57 sign and so I I believe I believe they were drugged

20:03 I know the first time I was sold I was two he picked me a bag of the crib and I

20:09 woke up to the cool night air as we were walking down our street my

20:15 dad was wearing his house coat I was wearing pajamas I couldn’t understand what was going on there was only one

20:23 house uh within a block from us that my mother warned us never never to go to

20:28 because a very evil man lived there and so we always avoided that house and

20:33 actually walked on side of the street well that that was the house

20:40 he took me to he knocked very Softly on the door um the man opened the door and tried to

20:48 take me I was holding on to my father’s neck so tightly in absolute Terror that

20:54 my father bit my fingers back and he handed me to the man and he

21:00 walked off and and the man instantly um he he would take me to his bathroom

21:08 strip me naked fill the tub with cold water and hold my face under the water

21:15 and I would gasp and cry he’d bring up my face pulled it under

21:20 the water again he would do that maybe 20 times and he would say are you going

21:26 to obey me and I would shake my head yes are you going to do everything I tell

21:31 you to do yeah I would shake my head yes he would take me to his

21:38 bedroom I remember he had polyester bed spread that had these dark

21:44 flowers on it he had nightstands and he he would Place me

21:49 on the bed and he had a tripod with an old

21:54 old-fashioned camera on it and there was a wire going to it so that

22:00 he could he could take kind of remote control pictures I guess and so he would torture me he would

22:08 often use pipes and other things that he would insert

22:14 into me and the more I would cry out and scream but um more it delighted him and

22:23 and he actually filmed every Every Act he did to me of rape of molestation of

22:30 torture and um when he was finished I would be taken

22:37 back to the bathtub because I was often often covered with blood

22:43 the water was always very cold and he would repeat holding my head under

22:49 until I was coming to the point of drowning and he he would pull it up and

22:57 would say are you going to tell anybody that would shake my head no so then

23:04 pretty soon after a couple of hours or so there’d be a quiet knock at the door my dad would be there I would be handed

23:11 back to my dad and the man would hand my dad an

23:16 envelope of cash and so my dad would walk me back to the

23:22 house I would be an absolute Terror and in order to

23:28 get around having to explain to my mother how I went to bed dry and woke up soaking wet my father would um take me

23:36 to the bathroom he would run a couple inches of cold water in the bathtub

23:41 and seal it and put me in the bathtub and tell me I had to sleep there all

23:47 night and in the morning my father would come

23:52 in and he would call my mom and he would say she must be walking in her sleep look

23:58 what she did in the night and I I would have been shivering in this

24:04 bathtub all night my mother would take me out and literally beat me for

24:11 um for doing anything like that well this went on for about four years

24:19 and I was regularly taken over there and each time I was brought back and placed

24:25 in the bathtub when I got a little older I would sneak

24:31 out of the bathtub when everybody fell asleep and I would get my pillow and my blanket to to bring me some level of

24:38 comfort my sisters and my mother used to ask me why I would sleep in the bathtub

24:44 I could couldn’t give them an explanation but um another thing that this man did

24:52 is that sometimes when I would go over there he

24:57 would have other men there because he was selling me to other men and there would be as many

25:04 as three men there and I remember one case in particular there were there were

25:10 two men and they had brought their young son he he looked like he was maybe early

25:16 teens and and he he didn’t want to arm me

25:24 but they forced him too and so many times it was more than than just this

25:32 man and doing that and so I grew to greatly fear

25:40 any type of noises in the night and I I would listen at night for for

25:46 footsteps I would listen at night for noises and I would try to determine if the noises were safe or if they were

25:54 dangerous many times I couldn’t tell because my dad would tiptoe into my room to

26:02 um take me there are still sometimes even now I will wake up and I will hear footsteps

26:12 and then um about that same time also

26:19 um while we were in my grandfather’s care we were introduced to the Masonic Lodge

26:25 my grandfather would take me and two of my sisters and just for the record

26:34 um how old were you when you went into your grandfather’s care

26:39 well I um we we would only be in his care

26:45 temporarily if my parents had something to do

26:51 um I I remember being in his care when I was one and and I believe it was just two

27:00 watches for a day or two while my parents did something else and I’m not sure where my

27:07 oldest sister was if she was with my parents or a lot but um I remember me and and two of my

27:14 sisters I was one my other sister was three my other sister was five

27:20 and they took us to the Masonic Lodge into a room with black and white tiles on the floor it was very cold

27:28 they laid me and my sisters out on the floor it was all done

27:35 oh very methodically they had my oldest sister on the end and she she was laying

27:43 face down on her stomach my sister who was three was in the middle and they put

27:51 her face up I was on the end I was one I was still in diapers I face down

27:57 when three men dressed in black robes and black hoods

28:03 came into the Masonic lodge and they did a group grape and assault of us and

28:12 there’s something about three-year-old children that they are

28:18 especially cruel to at the age of three they

28:24 they do much more harm to them and

28:29 even though it was absolutely unbearable and horrific at that age

28:35 I I still have this memory of my dear sister

28:41 um my three-year-old sister who was being absolutely tortured and tormented and

28:47 her screaming and they would always clean us up many

28:53 times it was a woman who would come in and who would clean this up and they would tell us

29:00 I guess it was a type of mind control programming they would program us with the story we were going to tell

29:07 our parents about what had happened we would be cleaned up to a certain

29:12 extent we would always be given a coloring picture um of Jesus or some Bible scene for for us

29:21 to take home um I I also remember uh

29:30 at the age of two two of my sisters and I were taken back

29:37 to the Masonic lodge and this is the first actual real mind control

29:42 programming I can recall so I remember I was I was too so so my

29:50 other sisters were each two years older and and they had taken us to the lodge

29:57 because we were going to hear Bible stories well who wouldn’t want their children to hear Bible stories

30:03 so they took us and there were about six other children big room and they locked the door

30:10 and they grabbed me around the waist they stripped off all my clothes it took

30:17 me to a small room that had no windows but it had a large

30:23 fish tank on the counter that was full of live mice

30:29 they took me at the age of two and they shoved me down in the live mice

30:34 instantly they were clawing me scratching me I was crying I was reaching up my hands I was slapped and I

30:42 was forced down hard onto the mice they would squeal they would climb all over me and scratch me and that’s when they

30:49 started doing the mind control program of Hickory Dickory Dock they would repeat it again and again and

30:58 again and they kept saying the words tick tock those were my

31:05 keywords to go into hypnotic state

31:10 but um I I would be in this tank and they would

31:17 come over to me and if I would stand up if I would cry I would be slapped and pushed back down

31:23 and they kept asking me what time is it and I I didn’t have any comprehension of

31:29 time I was only two and I didn’t know I’d be slapped for not knowing what time

31:35 it was and they kept repeating the nursery rhyme they would they would have me

31:43 repeat it and say what time is it a man kept coming in and Mason

31:50 he would grab a hold of my face and squeeze it and he was looking at my eyes

31:57 and if he said I wasn’t ready I was put back in

32:03 something happens to a child when the trauma causes them to dissociate and

32:10 break apart you can see it in their eyes and that’s what he was looking for

32:15 so the man and the woman that had been torturing me left me in the in the mouse

32:21 tank full of mice and they told me I was not allowed to leave

32:26 and so I sat there crying and I noticed a movement in in the shadows I hadn’t

32:32 noticed before and I saw a man standing in the shadows spinning up

32:38 against the wall and I thought I don’t know who this is but I’m going to beg him to to get me out of here so I stood up and

32:45 I held my hands out to him he stepped into the light and it was my father

32:51 and I I was begging him

32:56 and he said no and at that point I believe I started

33:03 shattering because shortly after that the man and the woman came back in the

33:09 man grabbed my face looked into my eyes and he said she split so

33:15 I had divided after that they picked me up by the ways

33:22 naked they took me out into a hallway in the Masonic Lodge

33:28 on the left there was a door open and there was a

33:33 very large room it had much higher ceilings than any of the other rooms

33:39 and there were six or eight what looked like bird cages

33:46 hanging from very high up in the ceiling with children in them my sister who was terrified of heights

33:55 she was closest to the door and I saw her one of those bird cages and she was

34:01 sobbing and she was begging anybody to save her

34:06 and they would swing the cage violently it was on chains

34:12 my sister would hang on to the bottom of the cage and cry

34:17 and I want to buy and I couldn’t do anything

34:23 my other sister was taken into an all blue room walls the ceiling the floors

34:28 painted blue the table is blue the chairs are blue they’re given blue colors and you are programmed with

34:36 the color blue they they took me to another room and

34:42 had a round stainless steel table that actually rotated they had put a black cloth over this

34:50 table and they and they laid me on top of it and they started spinning it violently

34:56 they had a strobe light and they would shine it in my face and then they had

35:02 another light above me that was a spiral and it a spiral actually moved I’ve

35:07 never seen another like and they would move it One Direction and

35:14 it was mostly in a in a counterclockwise Direction

35:20 and then they would bring in um beautiful white rabbit

35:26 and they would hold it over me slit its throat over me so that the

35:31 blood went over me and then and then they would immediately lay it next to my body so I could feel it kicking into my

35:39 head and then they would spin me and spin me and um

35:47 um I I started vomiting and passing out they put

35:54 pills under my tongue I believe it was LSD because I started seeing colors

36:00 and really strange things I I’d never seen seen before

36:07 um at home my dad started reinforcing some

36:14 of my mind control programming and whenever he wanted to discipline me or to cause me Terror he would take me over

36:21 to the grandfather clock and he would point to it and he would say tick tock and I would split and I would be an

36:28 absolute Terror and I would do I would do whatever he said

36:34 um

36:39 when I was a little bit older um they took us back

36:45 to the Masonic Lodge and I remember there were

36:51 elaborate stage prop set up elaborate scenes and they told us we were going to

36:56 get to watch a skit and so all of us would would sit on the

37:02 floor in my two sisters were there also and we would

37:07 sit on the floor and this man would come out dressed like Jesus and he would bring out a man in a

37:16 wheelchair and the man he couldn’t walk and Jesus would go over and heal him

37:22 pull him up out of the wheelchair and all of his little girls clap and clap we were so excited they

37:29 told us that this was a real Jesus and he had come to see us and we were beyond excitement

37:38 we just loved him so much we were just just clapping clapping for him

37:43 so then he he would come out to where all the children were sitting

37:50 and he would pull up his robe and he was naked and we couldn’t even comprehend

37:57 what what we were saying he started raping each and every one of us forcing

38:04 us to do sex acts upon him and he said this is what the real Jesus does if you

38:09 ever come to the road Jesus this is what he’s like and then he would force us to

38:15 sing to him the words Jesus loves me

38:20 it is because we are weak and he’s strong

38:26 and that was emphasized to this day when that song is sung I

38:33 usually have to run out of the room but that that went on uh

38:39 and it was quite horrific and they told us never to go to the Jesus because this is what

38:49 this this is what he would do after that uh one of my sisters the one that was

38:55 closest in age to me we were taken to another back room all in the Masonic Lodge

39:01 they made all of us change into these um dirty

39:06 kind of rough woven tan dresses that were covered in stains and

39:14 we all sat and we watched the film and the film was another horrific film of

39:20 Nazis killing dismembering murdering Jews in front of us and the women and

39:27 the children in the film were dressed in the exact same outfits we and then they told us that if we didn’t

39:35 hide if the Nazis were going to come in and they were going to kill us and so

39:41 man Nazis came in we were in absolute Terror I think there

39:46 was probably about eight small children in this room and there were many cupboards and shelves

39:53 and my older sister was very very protective and she grabbed my hand and ran to a

40:02 cupboard and opened it up but there were already two children hiding my sister crawled in and she tried to

40:09 pull me in but it was too late for Nazi soldiers were so I curled up in a ball on the shelf

40:18 right next to the cupboard always trying to make myself as small as possible so that they can sing

40:27 they saw me and and they pulled me out and they started hitting me they had a gun and

40:33 they were threatening to shoot me in the head my older sister who was just two years

40:39 older than I was she was actually watching through the crack

40:46 in the cupboard bill has dreams this this day she still has nightmares of

40:52 looking through a crack in a Cupboard and seeing men’s legs walk by but anyway

40:59 um as they grabbed me and they were threatening to shoot me my dear sister

41:04 jumped out of the cupboard and said leave her alone and they took her and threw her on the

41:10 ground and with their boot they stomped on her stomach as hard as they could

41:16 and she vomited and she was in pain

41:22 and they ended up walking away and I was there with my sister on her side I tried

41:28 touching her and she said please don’t nobody touch me

41:34 so so those were some of our earliest memories

41:39 Lodge going from one station to the next to the next to the next

41:46 all of my future trauma for many many years had its roots and Freemasonry was

41:55 it was people connected to Freemasonry in some way or full

42:02 um I I remember uh at the age of three

42:09 my life was so terrible and I saw no hope

42:14 that I literally tried drowning myself in the toilet bowl

42:20 and I was trying to breathe in the water but I I kept gagging and I was

42:28 unsuccessful I remember two years later we had we had

42:33 a pool outside two years later trying so hard to end my life

42:40 in the pool because at that point in my life was such Terror

42:45 I I couldn’t go on except I I kept holding my breath and sticking my face

42:52 in the pool thinking that was going to accomplish something and it never did and

42:57 um I was I was unsuccessful in doing that

43:03 but um yeah after all of those things happened

43:10 um you’re doing good you’re doing a great

43:17 job Charisse really truly of the fact that I am actually not asking you any questions is because you’re you’re just

43:25 telling your story well we we ended up moving to to a different

43:33 state and my father um had only been through three degrees

43:40 of Freemasonry that was enough to

43:46 cause a twisting in his brain but when people leave Freemasonry the lodge

43:51 doesn’t let you leave and the lodge doesn’t let you forget and all of the curses that you

43:58 spoke on yourself and your Generations stand until those are broken

44:06 and so after after we had moved to a different state

44:12 the Masons in that state contacted my

44:17 father and I believe it was retribution for him leaving leaving the lodge so

44:24 early because his father had actually gone quite high within the Sonic Lodge

44:32 and they had wanted control of me now I had

44:39 three older sisters I couldn’t understand why it was just me and not all of my sisters

44:45 but they told my dad if he would sell me to them for ten

44:55 thousand dollars that they would train me

45:01 to teach me to be obedient and my dad was very big on

45:09 being obedient and so the transaction was made

45:14 and I was sold to the lodge and um if every Wednesday morning

45:23 I had to be a week awake at 1 26 a.m starting from the time I was about six

45:28 years old my my dad had started coming in waking up waking me up on 26 Wednesday morning

45:37 because I had to be out at the street at 1 30 a.m and a car was going to come get

45:42 me now the very first few times that had happened the Masons actually came snuck

45:49 into my home at night put your hands over my mouth and took me I thought I was being kidnapped

45:57 and when I got older my father would start carrying me out to the car

46:06 I started crying and so he started driving me when I got even older I was hypnotized I

46:14 had to wake up at 1 26 a.m or I would be killed or somebody else would be killed

46:22 so I I started being taken for about two

46:27 hours every Wednesday morning they would often take me to the basement of the

46:33 courthouse to the basement of the hospital to someone’s house or or to out

46:39 in the woods and that’s when I I first started seeing

46:46 actual rituals being performed and

46:52 um they would start with old men I guess if you will bums on the street

46:59 maybe homeless people and they would bring them in and they would drug them and they would give them all the alcohol that they wanted

47:06 and then I I won’t go in into graphic detail but

47:11 they were always tied up their arms and legs were tied up

47:17 they were always killed and um in a very painful and gruesome way

47:25 and um they would threaten to do that to all of

47:33 us if if we did anything um I would

47:38 see where they would even bury the bodies um under fire pits in in in the woods

47:48 are small and round and they were dumb they would use uh sledgehammers to make

47:55 the bodies as small as possible and put them in the fire pits and then put fire

48:01 back on top so that so that nobody would would think of looking

48:07 um everyone that I have known that has been associated with the cult has also been associated with either a mortician or

48:16 a Crematory of some some type

48:22 but it was it was during this time that um

48:27 I started stealing children because they would

48:34 bring out children and they would bring out babies they would have a lot of

48:40 small children that they would start impregnating very very early

48:48 um I I believe the children were given some type of medication to cause them to

48:53 be impregnated early and um and and how early are we talking

49:00 here well for for me personally my earliest

49:06 pregnancy was when I was 10. so basically as soon as the menstruation

49:12 starts they start no it was it was before the menstruation starts I know I

49:18 know of some of some ladies that had actually started

49:23 giving birth at the age of eight because they were given not only medication to cause them to conceive early the

49:30 medication to cause them to conceive multiples

49:36 I’ve resisted uh saying anything all this time because your story you’re just

49:42 doing an incredible job and I’ve not wanted to break your flow but you know on saying that I will say

49:51 that some things that have been reported to me by others that will go you know unnamed at this point

49:58 um would include impregnation at ages that seem you know from a traditional

50:05 standpoint to be impossible and uh

50:10 they have or had some kind of way of making that happen because

50:16 people are not making this up no but you have eyewitness I mean and

50:22 memories to back this up and you saw it with your own eyes them making these girls pregnant before they even got

50:29 their periods my gosh please continue

50:35 they they have technology they have Laboratories they have medications that

50:41 that the average doctors do not possess

50:46 um I I imagine that they are receiving information and wisdom on how to build

50:52 these things and how to do these things through demonic channels but

50:57 um it’s quite sad that they are so far from Far

51:03 advanced than what the average doctor is here but um

51:10 I would um they they would take take babies and small

51:18 children and these were all people that were connected with the

51:23 Masonic Lodge in some way a lot of them were close family friends that we trusted

51:31 um I know there was a policeman in in this group because some of the

51:37 bodies were placed in automobile accidents to make it look like they died in

51:43 automobile accidents I know my own Elementary school principal

51:50 was was in this cult there were teachers many doctors and nurses so it’s not like

51:58 somebody can just you know go out even the police station and say this is

52:04 what’s going on and and I know in one of the groups there was a wife of a judge

52:11 so um um there there was no one safe

52:19 no one’s safe you could kill but um I I remember

52:26 um specifically I I had originally thought that there were 23 babies that I had stolen and

52:33 that I had tried to save um the Lord actually recently showed me

52:39 that there were actually 67 babies um most I I believe most of the children

52:45 and babies that I actually stole were were already gone at the time because

52:51 they were they were always taken at least from me between five and six months I was never

52:58 allowed to ever go past six months I had the hyper pregnancy so so they were

53:03 always taken early and they actually had me on a January July schedule where I

53:10 would have a baby in January I would have a baby in July it did always always work that way but

53:18 they tried to have me on a schedule I I have remembered 13 children of my own

53:25 that um they had taken from me

53:31 but these these other children um if they were taken early from a child

53:38 that was being sex trafficked they were often left laying in the dirt and they

53:45 would foreign kill them and do other things with them and so as soon as I would find these

53:54 babies I would take off running with them now now granted I was in the middle of a

54:00 very dense forest would have been hypnotized and drugged in order to get there so I wasn’t sure

54:06 which way to run I always knew if I could get to a river or water and follow

54:12 it upstream or Downstream it it would lead me somewhere yeah and uh I

54:19 all of my life I’ve had nightmares of Running With Children of Hiding

54:26 Children I could never understand that until until I started having memories and uh I

54:34 I know on one occasion there was a little boy um he was probably about eight or nine

54:41 months old and okay I grabbed him and I ran with him

54:47 and I turned Upstream and I was

54:54 I was trying in my young mind because granted I was only eight years old when

55:00 I started doing this so in my young mind I was thinking if I can find a clump of

55:06 bushes or something that is hidden to keep them safe somebody will come

55:12 and the cult um always caught us and then for years

55:20 and years I would have nightmares I would actually wake up screaming multiple times every night my

55:27 entire life and I would have nightmares of holding

55:33 on to a child above the water and they had hypnotized me

55:39 um so that I wouldn’t run and they told me that there were actually alligators and snakes in the water and we didn’t

55:44 have them but in my dreams there were always alligators and snakes trying to get

55:50 these children and I was trying to save them and I was completely panic

55:56 and um I I know a couple years after that I saw another

56:03 baby that still had her umbilical cord attached to her she was taken early because she was kind of sprawled out

56:10 like a frog and I saw her and I I knew I couldn’t

56:18 let her die and so I I looked and I saw all of the

56:24 group around the fire they would do

56:30 horrific Acts around the fire with all of the children present

56:35 but I was back a little ways and so I grabbed the child in our way

56:42 and I was holding her close to me trying to keep her warm and that’s when I realized that I was completely naked

56:49 and I ran as fast as I could and every time a

56:55 branch or something would would reach out and grab my leg in my mind I imagined it was my captors who who were

57:03 hiding waiting to grab me and and to kill us and so I I ran I ran with a

57:12 child and and I made it to a river and and this time I determined to go the

57:18 opposite direction and so I ran into the water and it about

57:24 took my breath away because it was very cold I was shaking with adrenaline I was

57:29 holding the baby up like this I realized trumbilical cord was hanging in the water and I I tieded myself forward and

57:38 I wrapped it around my neck I held the baby and I would start start to slip and I would pray for God to help

57:45 me so that I could I could keep her above the water I don’t know how long we

57:51 were in the water I was actually up to my chest at some points and I I was on

57:57 the verge of fainting because of the cold and the adrenaline I walked over to

58:04 the side of the river and there was a clump of something I sat on and I was still on the water

58:10 and I was crying out to God and I was holding the baby like this she was so

58:16 small and I remember just resting my head ever so gently on the edge of her beautiful little

58:22 stomach and I was just praying God God help me

58:28 and when I was done I realized she had stopped breathing and she was she was and I panicked and I was I I was

58:36 crying God I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do help me I started breathing into her mouth and

58:42 nose I held her close and I was rubbing her trying to get her warm again

58:47 I grabbed a branch and I pulled this up and out of the water and there was

58:53 a few trees kind of in a circle and we went inside the trees and I’d laid on

58:58 the dirt once again and I coiled her umbilical cord on her stomach and I wrapped myself around her

59:06 like a cocoon trying to keep her safe trying to

59:12 keep her warm I knew she was dead but I

59:17 was going to protect her body and defend it with my life if I had to and I ended

59:22 up passing out I woke up to angry shouts and I could see flashlights in the

59:29 distance and they found us and they started beating me and pulling

59:35 out chunks of hair and burning it everything everything was always burned they would beat and kick me

59:42 in areas that didn’t show all along my back on my leg and my stomach

59:48 and they took took the child from me

59:53 um eventually I was thrown in the back of a car and at 3 30 in the morning they

59:58 would slow down and literally push me out the door and my dad

1:00:05 knew I was being taken he had threatened me over and over again

1:00:10 he said if your sisters or your mother ever find you sneaking back into the house I will kill you

1:00:17 and he had told my sisters and my mom that I sleepwalked which I didn’t I

1:00:23 believe that was just a cover to protect him so

1:00:30 I I developed the art of being able to move without being heard I would take up

1:00:36 to two hours to literally open a door shut it and move across one room and

1:00:44 then I would have to get rags clean up my blood

1:00:49 and clean up any mud and then I would have to take him to a wash basin wash them out so there was no

1:00:56 sign of them and put them put them in the washing machine and then I would have

1:01:02 to go to bed I would wake up the next morning my fingernails would be broken

1:01:08 I’d be caked in blood covered in blood and bruises and and I would be hurting with no idea why

1:01:16 but I I would wake up and I would know that there was something I was

1:01:21 protecting and it was so important I had to find it and I put all the blankets off my bed was gone and I couldn’t couldn’t

1:01:28 understand what it was but

1:01:33 as the um as as these nightly Rendezvous went

1:01:38 on I um I remember taking as many as four children

1:01:44 if there was a child that they had picked to

1:01:51 kill they would often cut off the child’s hair and kind of into a Butch

1:01:57 haircut it would be shorn that was a sign of humiliation and a sign of

1:02:02 sacrifice and so um I remember grabbing as many children as I could and running pushing them up

1:02:11 in trees pushing them through other areas telling them to um hide and I I had prayed for a

1:02:21 long time that those children got away but uh it was at that

1:02:29 point that they decided to sacrifice me

1:02:35 because um I was

1:02:41 interfering with their plans and um I was not doing what they wanted me to

1:02:48 do so

1:02:58 so what happened when they decided to try and sacrifice

1:03:03 you well um seeing sacrifice

1:03:09 times um many times they would bring in a child about my age they would even tell

1:03:17 me the child was my twin or my sister and they would allow us to play together

1:03:23 and develop a bond and we would swear to each other we would never let each other

1:03:28 and they would always end up killing them

1:03:34 when when they were going to sacrifice me

1:03:39 I was about I think maybe nine and they had stripped me naked and they

1:03:46 had laid me out on the dirt and they had spread my arms and legs apart wrapped ropes around them and stake them into

1:03:53 the ground so that I couldn’t move I had seen this before and they would

1:04:00 always take their time they would do many many Cuts all over the person

1:04:08 first in order to cause them as much pain as possible

1:04:13 before they were actually killed they had had actually placed me next to

1:04:21 a burning fire and as I was laying there

1:04:28 I remember this this is one of the first times really started calling on God

1:04:36 I knew what was going to happen they actually stood over me with the sacrificial dagger

1:04:42 and I remember saying help me Jesus the second the word Jesus came out of my

1:04:50 mouth the fire not only went out but it went cold I was I was next to it they

1:04:56 had actually summoned Satan as a great dragon and this huge black dragon I saw it with

1:05:04 my own eyes this enormous black dragon flew out of the sky landed on the other

1:05:09 side of the fire he had three red pupils in each eye

1:05:15 the people around the fire they would have these staffs and they would start beating out a drum beat and the drum

1:05:22 beat would call Satan I believe Satan was going to consume me

1:05:29 after I was killed when I said help me Jesus and the fire

1:05:36 went cold instantly in the distance there were headlights well we were in

1:05:41 the middle of the forest and it’s not like there were roads there so then it was mass pandemonium

1:05:48 I was cut loose everything was grabbed they literally picked me up and threw me

1:05:54 on the floor in the back of the car on top of the shovel and the pick that they were going to bury my body with

1:06:01 I was laying naked on top of the shovel in the pick they drove out of there as fast as they

1:06:08 could they they drove to my parents house they didn’t even stop the car they slowed it

1:06:16 down rolled me out I was naked in the middle of the night I rolled over to the ditch where I passed

1:06:22 out I woke up at some time later and I literally had to crawl across the

1:06:30 gravel up the driveway to my parents house and let myself in without being heard

1:06:39 cleaning up any mess as I went

1:06:46 wow folks as I said

1:06:53 Charisse has incredibly

1:06:59 acute recollection of the things that she’s been through and and this is what I want to pause and

1:07:06 comment on just for a minute here it’s got to get on my soapbox

1:07:12 it’s time that the body of Christ stopped being such cowards

1:07:20 how many people I’ve met personally that would say I

1:07:25 don’t want to know that I don’t want to hear that I don’t believe that

1:07:32 cowardice this is the kind of stuff

1:07:38 that Jesus has his finger on because there are people all over the

1:07:46 world that need his healing touch but God called us

1:07:51 his hands and until the body of Christ gets the

1:07:57 fact that we are part of God’s solution set and stop relegating those that are

1:08:05 overcoming this background to the pharmaceutical and the the psychiatric

1:08:13 Realm we are not going to see the shift that

1:08:21 God wants to bring to this world there’s a reason why uh I absolutely sold on the ministry to

1:08:30 survivors of every kind of abuse is because that’s where God’s heart is

1:08:35 beating and so um moving forward I ask you Reese you know

1:08:44 it is just extraordinary to see how Jesus delivered you I mean in the midst

1:08:51 of such impossible circumstances now you’re here sitting and talking to

1:08:57 me but before we end this you know there was another

1:09:04 incident uh where they were trying to put you on the altar of sacrifice and

1:09:10 which you just shared I never heard you say to me before but there was another

1:09:16 time uh where they put you in a Labyrinth of sorts

1:09:22 and God made a way of escape again and

1:09:30 um I just want to let you talk about that circumstance as well um as it also involved you

1:09:37 trying to save some children okay which which Labyrinth are you

1:09:43 specifically referring to where the Satanist

1:09:51 transformed himself and chased you to a door oh oh oh oh yes

1:09:59 yes yes okay thank you yes they would um

1:10:05 they would often do what is called hunting games which I know

1:10:12 is real big with Dick Cheney and his estate but they

1:10:19 they would often take as children to to a very secluded Forest it was a private

1:10:26 estate and there was a large fence around this Forest

1:10:32 and they would strip all of his children naked and they would tell us to run for our

1:10:38 lives and if we were caught they were going to kill us if you didn’t do what they said which

1:10:45 many times I didn’t they would shoot a child right in front of you and kill it

1:10:51 and they would say that is your fault that’s what’s gonna happen if you don’t

1:10:56 do what we say at at this one memory I

1:11:02 was I was older because I was I was about 16 or 17 and they would line us

1:11:08 all up and they would tell us to run and I ran for my life and I was hiding

1:11:15 in a clump of bushes when I saw this um little five-year-old girl and little

1:11:22 three-year-old boy a little brother and sister run past me the little boy was wearing

1:11:29 bright red tennis shoes but other than that they were completely naked I knew they would be caught

1:11:36 because they were so little they didn’t know where to go I I jumped out of my hiding space I um

1:11:43 grabbed the girl’s hand she had the boy’s hand and we just ran we ended up

1:11:49 running to the back of this property there was a very large wooden fence

1:11:55 there I started looking at the bottom of the fence because there was a couple of

1:12:02 areas where the road the wood was starting to rot away

1:12:07 I started kicking it with my foot I actually broke several toes because I I

1:12:12 was barefoot I kept kicking and kicking with my foot until I can break out a

1:12:17 couple of the slats of wood I dug as frantic as I could with my hands to make a little weld in the in

1:12:25 the dirt I grabbed the children and I shoved them

1:12:30 under it the wood actually cut into their backs as I was shoving them under

1:12:38 I got them both under and I peeked through a little crack in the wood and I could

1:12:43 I could see their sweet little naked backsides running and

1:12:49 I told them I said don’t stop running until you find help and the last thing I remember was them

1:12:55 running in those little little tiny red shoes running well the cult

1:13:01 was very angry at me and this was another time that they were going to kill me again and they took me into a

1:13:10 series of tunnels underneath whatever estate

1:13:16 I was I was at and these tunnels they were very very rough they were shooting out of rock out

1:13:23 of out of dirt they were they were small and um

1:13:29 I was placed in one of these tunnels and and one of them was actually a big room

1:13:34 it was like a machine shop for automotive I could smell oil

1:13:40 I if if anyone believes in Bigfoot let me

1:13:46 tell you he is real but they are Satan’s shapeshifters do not glorify Bigfoot

1:13:53 because these are people that have turned into these evil

1:13:58 beings and their one purpose is to kill and digest what they have killed and

1:14:07 um these high-level satanists and cult members

1:14:12 um I’ve seen them turn into into bigfoots I’ve seen men turn into women I’ve seen them turn into snakes in this

1:14:19 case they had Unleashed a Bigfoot after me I could smell him I could see him down

1:14:28 this Hall I was running down this Hall it was getting smaller and narrower but

1:14:35 at the end I could see a wooden door and I believe that that would have led me outside I I made it to the wooden door

1:14:42 but it was very thick I was looking for for any hinges on the inside so I could

1:14:49 unhinge it and push it open but the hinges were not on the inside

1:14:55 and I stood there and the bigfoot was maybe 10 feet away from me

1:15:03 called out to God God hears

1:15:08 when we call out to him even in the midst of great evil

1:15:16 instantly as I called out to God two angels appeared and one of them swooped

1:15:21 and he picked me up like an infant as he did that this ball of fire hit

1:15:27 that wooden door and it shot out and very peacefully and gently we walked

1:15:35 through that ball of fire through the charge of wood flying every direction

1:15:42 and I it was complete peace and they took took me out of there at

1:15:49 some time later I woke up in my own bed the next morning I was covered in blood I was covered in

1:15:57 scratches I had broken toes I I had I had no memory

1:16:04 right what had happened but I just I just want to give all the glory to God

1:16:11 because I have died that I remember six times in

1:16:18 my life that I have actually died where I was standing next to my body and each

1:16:24 each time each time Jesus and my angels would be there

1:16:30 and Jesus would say you need to go back um I would look at my body even as a

1:16:36 small child and I’d say no I don’t I don’t want to go back and he would say I

1:16:41 have a plan for you it’s gonna be okay you you need to go back

1:16:47 six times I was I was revived and I was brought

1:16:52 back but I tell you it it does take a toll on a person’s body because the doctors had told me the

1:16:58 entire front portion of my heart was not functioning so it it does take a toll but I am here

1:17:06 and I I am strong and I

1:17:11 I give God all all of the glory and I just I just want to give hope to anyone

1:17:18 else who is listening the story who has maybe gone through anything similar and

1:17:23 I just I just want to tell you I know the strength and the courage it takes just

1:17:29 to survive just to get up and make it through your day and I I just want to

1:17:34 tell all the all the survivors that I believe you whatever your story is I

1:17:40 believe you and I am very very proud of you and don’t get up don’t give up

1:17:46 because God has a plan and a purpose for this and he’s the only one that can bring us

1:17:54 through it if it had not been for the Lord I would have been one of those missing victims that was never found

1:18:00 sure well uh Charisse

1:18:08 I believe you and I am very proud of you for having

1:18:14 the guts to come on this podcast to open up the Vault and to share so

1:18:20 candidly because this is not easy and so folks

1:18:27 that is the program for today um of course there is more to sharice’s

1:18:35 story and you can look forward to it hearing some more from her in the future

1:18:41 but until next time God bless and Godspeed

1:18:54 thank you

1:18:59 you’ve been listening to discovering truth with Dan Duvall be sure to

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